Release Day for The HomePort Journals

It’s been a long time coming, but the day has finally arrived.

The HomePort Journals goes on sale today (3/18/15) at Wilde City Press.  I’ve imagined this day for a long time–the day when all my zany characters: Lola, Dorrie, Marc, Cole, Dolores, Jimmy, Charlotte, Brandon, and Helena go out into the big, wide world. Ready or not, here they come!

There are so many people who made this possible. To Malaga, my fabulous agent, thanks for taking a chance on me. Without you this amazing day would have never arrived. To the folks at Wilde City who have been so extraordinarily patient and supportive: Ethan, Adrian, Geoff, Tracy, Jerry–thanks for everything. You’re the best. To Kris at @AuthorAmp; you rock. To those who’ve been kind enough to write reviews or provide blurbs for the book; I appreciate your time and value your perspective. (By the way, if you haven’t seen the reviews and interviews on, click here.)  To those dear friends and loved ones who put up with me through the process of writing and rewriting and rewriting HPJ–brace yourselves, there’s a sequel in the works. To the wonderful denizens of Provincetown who contributed in so many ways: Bea, Kerry, Jean, Millie, and Kathleen, what is there to say but thanks, Dahlin’. To my mother, Vivian, who read the book but didn’t live to see it published, thanks for believing it would be. And last but far from least, my sincere thanks to you, dear reader, for sharing this moment with me. Provincetown is a state of mind. Visit often.

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