A Book of Revelations

Eight Short Stories Where Nothing Is As It Seems.

Just Released from HomePort Press

Quirky, compelling characters from beyond the mainstream risk all.

“Burch weaves a collection of crackerjack plot twists in which unlikely heroes seize the day. A colorful topography of mostly LGBT–related outings, forays, and adventures.” – Kirkus Reviews

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The HomePort Journals

A Provincetown Fantasia

2015 Wilde City Press
“Evocative, funny, and heartfelt, The HomePort Journals will be to Provincetown what Tales of the City is to San Francisco.”
William J. Mann,  Author The Men from the Boys series.

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Author A.C. Burch

A. C. Burch is the author of The HomePort Journals and A Book of Revelations. An avid sailor, photographer, and musician, he splits his time between Provincetown and South Beach


As I See Things

My Instagram feed where I’ll regularly post pictures, including the occasional shot of Dori, the wonder-dog. She’s named for a character in The HomePort Journals.


The HomePort Journals

The HomePort Journals is a love story on many levels. Learning to love one’s self, love between men, and love that spans generations and backgrounds. Set in Provincetown, at the tip of Cape Cod, the story marks the struggles of a group of outsiders who find each other. In doing so, they find their better selves.  Click here for more about The HomePort Journals.

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"A cockeyed, full-hearted Provincetown fantasia,  The Homeport Journals combines history and romance with a dash of wit and a firm belief that in some magical places there is always a second chance—for love and for art."
Heidi Jon Schmidt, Author The House on Oyster Creek

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New from A. C. Burch

A Book of Revelations

Eight Short Stories Where Nothing Is As It Seems.
New from HomePort Press

Life is all about taking risks. A Book of Revelations transports the reader from Private Quarters, where a young musician must negotiate the competing demands of two strong-willed women, to a luxurious yacht in the Caribbean, where an embittered detective finds himself rejecting his Last Chance at love. These eight unique stories are about the instant we must roll the dice or succumb to the status quo. Burch’s vivid and quirky characters—courageous and sometimes campy dwellers in a world beyond the mainstream—will engage, amuse, and compel you with their richly complex revelations.

“Through the quirks and musicality of his vivid characters, Burch enthralls you right up to the moment of revelation. You won’t regret spending time in A Book of Revelations.” 

Taylor Polites

Author, The Rebel Wife

A (Darn Good) Writer’s Thoughts on Orlando

Writer Hans Hirschi’s thoughts on the Orlando Massacre

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The Return of the Whales and Other Musings

When the anniversary of the publication of The HomePort Journals arrived, I found myself thinking of themes that worked their way into the narrative almost on their own. This post was first seen on Cécile Sune’s Book Obsessed Blog. Many thanks to Cécile for her...
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A Bit of Book Reader’s Heaven

Few things in life come close to the joy of creating fictional worlds and the characters that live in them. One that does is when a reader takes the time and effort seen in this review of The HomePort Journals by Glenda A Bixler of Book Reader’s Heaven.  (So far...
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The Gift of Earth, Wind & Fire

The world has lost a great talent with the recent death of Maurice “Reese” White, the driving force of this iconic group. I first learned of his passing from a tweet Bette Midler wrote… “Maurice White, a founding member of Earth, Wind and Fire, has died. Great music,...
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Independent Bookstores are On the Rebound!

I’d like to depart from the usual fare and post a blog about two wonderful Independent Bookstores. I’ve heard from numerous sources that the Independent Bookstore is coming back with a vengeance. In fact, there’s a rumor afoot that Amazon plans to open 400 stores of...
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