A.C. Burch

is an avid sailor, photographer, and musician. He splits his time between Provincetown, MA and South Beach, FL.


A. C. Burch's Characters

often exist outside the mainstream, facing life’s challenges with courage, wit, and tenacity.

His books have received rave reviews from Kirkus, Underground Books, GGR-Review and others.

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As A. C. Sees Things

Follow the Instagram feed where A.C. regularly posts pictures, including the occasional shot of Dori, the wonder-dog. She’s named for a character in The HomePort Journals.


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Almost-billionaire Vaughn Kreisler has vanished without a trace. So has his money, save the few million he left behind for his wife. When his yacht, the Last Chance, arrives in Grand Bahama, only one person is aboard—a feisty blonde who seems unconcerned about Kreisler’s disappearance. Detective Lieutenant Paul Beston’s investigation is hobbled from the start by the lack of a corpse and his growing infatuation for the prime suspect. When an ex-lover outs Beston at work, his colleagues abandon him, and an old rival exacts a violent revenge. The disgraced detective has only one person on his side—the alleged murderer. Can they be trusted?



“‘Last Chance’ was nominally a mystery, yet it unfolded as a character study and a challenge, with no safety net and few guideposts to point the way forward. The author dazzles the reader with subterfuge, then strips away the mask, revealing harsh choices that touch on every level of who and what that character is.”



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“Suddenly, during the “Liebestod,” life seemed to drain from him. One second he was conducting a gradual crescendo, coaxing forth broad waves of sound that crested over the tremolo in the strings. The next, during the decrescendo that follows, a veil dropped over his eyes.” – From “Götterdämmerung.” 



“Essentials must always be kept close at hand.” – From “Convergence.” 



A Book of Revelations

Tales of Courage, Passion, and Ingenuity

Cover Final - A Book of Revelations - A.C. Burch

Illustrations by Madeline Sorel




“This is an eclectic collection of stories emanating from the periphery of society, from characters who have been marginalized, sometimes by choice, too often by circumstance, but who manage to find their voices within the oddest of constructs—accidents of fate, of consanguinity, of shared passion and understanding.

There are mysteries to solve, heroic acts to perform under the radar, tales to tell—tall or otherwise—and always, at the core, we discover how our humanity creates touchstones and opportunities to be more than we ever thought possible.”


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“Drag performers, detectives, and community moguls meet in Burch’s (The Homeport Journals, 2015, etc.) collection, which features coming-out stories with a twist… This collection tries to get at the core of what it feels like to be in the closet and addresses the doubts and reticence that come with taking the first steps out. Even stories that address other themes still include key divulgences… Overall, Burch weaves a collection of crackerjack plot twists in which unlikely heroes seize the day.”

Kirkus Reviews

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“Its circular turret was clad in multicolored bands of rolled asphalt, turning what had been an architectural tour de force into a psychedelic grain silo.” – From “Private Quarters.”



“Despite its dated, exaggerated style, the costume managed to accentuate Berta’s supersized sensuality. I found her appearance unnerving, yet fascinating: the way Frederick Fleet must have felt when, from the crow’s nest of the Titanic, he first saw the pale peaks of the iceberg dead ahead.” – From “Even In Death.”



The HomePort Journals

The HomePort Journals is a love story on many levels. Learning to love one’s self, love between men, and love that spans generations and backgrounds. Set in Provincetown, at the tip of Cape Cod, the story marks the struggles of a group of outsiders who find each other. In doing so, they find their better selves.  Click here for more about The HomePort Journals.

“Burch’s exquisite descriptions of Provincetown bring the Cape to life, and the more he reveals about the delightfully crotchety Dorrie and Lola and the effervescent, tragic Helena, the more captivating they become…. An often vivid portrait of Provincetown life and May-December friendships….”
Kirkus Reviews

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A. C.’s Blog

Another chance for “Last Chance”

I'm proud to announce the release of "Last Chance," volume one in the Detective Beston Series.      Some of you may know this story from A Book of Revelations. In response to multiple requests, I'm releasing it on its own as the start of a series. "Last Chance" has...
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Undue Influence – An Author’s Search for Readers

I’ve been thinking a lot about influence lately. Not OUI kind of influence, though I do wonder why “Driving under the influence” has suddenly become “Operating under the influence.” Is there some problem with surgeons I’ve not heard about? But I digress. Yesterday, I...
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Great News

As a trumpet player, I should be allowed to blow my own horn now and then.  This is just such a moment. A Book of Revelations has won a "Top Pick" award as well as a nomination for "Novel of the Year" from Underground Book Reviews.  To read Yvonne Lieblein's...
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Legends, Leitmotifs, and a Bit of Burlesque

Behind the Scenes - With A. C. Burch Welcome to the first in a series of blogs sharing backstory and influences from A Book of Revelations. In this series, I’ll describe the genesis of each story—hopefully without giving away too much. Each blog will feature one of...
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The Review is In

Those of you who follow this blog may know that I just reviewed Hans Hirschi's book of short stories entitled, Shorts. Now it's his turn. I was deeply touched by his kind words, and, trust me, neither of us hold back when we don't like something. I hope you'll enjoy...
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