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Awards & Reviews

The Distance Between Us, The HomePort Journals & A Book Of Revelations

2016 Grand Prize – Author Talk About It

– The HomePort Journals

Rainbow Awards, 2015,

Runner Up “Best Gay Debut” and Honorable Mention, Best Contemporary Romance. The HomePort Journals

Kirkus Recommended Review 2016 – Independent Press Awards Distinguished Favorite 2017

A Book of Revelations

5-star review and Recommended by – US Review of Books 2016

A Book of Revelations

5-star review, Top Pick, and Novel of the Year nomination – Underground Book Reviews 2016

A Book of Revelations


The Distance Between Us

“Helena finds herself at the center of a murder case as strange as the Cape has ever seen, one involving stolen art, secret lovers, and some grade-A impersonating. . . Burch summons Provincetown’s eclectic, art-and-barnacles ethos with an eye for detail and plenty of campy humor. . . the plot becomes secondary to the peculiar spell Burch weaves with Helena and her milieu.”

The HomePort Journals

“Burch’s exquisite descriptions of Provincetown bring the cape to life, and the more he reveals about the delightfully crotchety Dorrie and Lola and the effervescent, tragic Helena, the more captivating they become.”

“This is a literary work of exceptional merit. It is epic in nature, yet intensely intimate in execution, gorgeously rendered in exquisite detail, and told with heart-felt honesty. It bears a message of hope and love, compassion and tolerance, of simple joys and overcoming the roadblocks life sometimes thrusts in your path…. I loved The HomePort Journals, unreservedly, and give it my highest recommendation.”

“Evocative, funny, and heartfelt, The HomePort Journals will be to Provincetown what Tales of the City is to San Francisco.”

A Book of Revelations

“Each story draws readers into continuums of isolation and connection, introspection and expression, confusion and lucidity as its characters stumble and soar toward finding and claiming their own voices.”

“From the usual to the unusual, the rendering of the bubbling lives of these people will entice you from start to finish, for there is not a weak story among them.”

“Burch weaves a collection of crackerjack plot twists in which unlikely heroes seize the day.”

“A Book of Revelations delivers on its promise. It will surprise, sadden, delight, shock, and most likely bring you to tears more than once. It is a tour de force of masterful storytelling, exquisite wordsmithing and penetrating insights into those forced to live out their lives on the periphery of acceptance, never quite measuring up. It also offers hope and those gentle lessons that remind us we are all more than we seem, to others, but mostly to ourselves.”

“A. C. Burch is a quintessential observer, but without the distance that might leave the writing cold.  Instead, Burch takes on voices – that of old women, young men, sex-crazed and sex-craven.  We are touched by these players at the margins, artfully rendered by chapter illustrations that suit in their whimsy and wry lines.  This unforgettable cast invites us to meet them “my life on my terms” (203).  Think of it as less a threat than one of the several dinner invitations extended throughout the book.  Black-tie, or black gown – or both! – 8pm; be there or be square!”