The Distance Between UsComing May 16, 2023
A. C. Burch, Author

Beloved entertainer Helena Handbasket appears to have it all: a handsome husband, an inherited fortune, a seaside mansion, and an adoring family.

Then, the suspicious death of an elderly widow on the grounds of the HomePort Estate sends shock waves through the seaside resort of Provincetown.

Wrongly accused of the murder, Helena goes undercover to track down those responsible. Aided by her chosen family, she uses her comic genius and extraordinary talent for impersonation to navigate a maze of deception and greed that includes a museum break-in, thefts of iconic artwork, and some shady liaisons. As the investigation gains momentum, the past increasingly influences the present, exposing hidden secrets and imperiling Helena’s well-heeled existence.

Set amid Cape Cod’s natural beauty and vibrant summer season, this captivating second novel in the HomePort Chronicles unfolds against the backdrop of a small town struggling to balance its newfound celebrity with a cherished way of life. Jam-packed with the humor, plot twists, and telling details for which A. C. Burch is best known, The Distance Between Us is a testament to love, resilience, and a chosen family’s commitment to caring for their own.

“Helena finds herself at the center of a murder case as strange as the Cape has ever seen, one involving stolen art, secret lovers, and some grade-A impersonating. . . Burch summons Provincetown’s eclectic, art-and-barnacles ethos with an eye for detail and plenty of campy humor.” 

– Kirkus Reviews

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