New Year’s Greetings from Provincetown

Ringing in 2017 With a Promise, a Gathering, and an Aspiration

A Promise:
We’re not going anywhere!
This staunch little community called Provincetown has bucked the tides of oppression for centuries and will do so now with renewed vigor. A spiritual home for so many from all over the world, we will fight for all that is right and just. If times seem dark in the coming months, remember: we’ll be here. A microcosm, indeed, but also a beacon.

A Gathering:
This evening, our “logical family” will gather to welcome in 2017 and bid a not-too-fond farewell to 2016. The house is filled with wonderful smells, and the table is set in the “HomePort” tradition. Dori races from room to room full of anticipation. As you can see, she photo-bombed my Martha Stewart shot. (We seldom achieve Martha-like perfection in this household under any circumstances.) It was important to us to continue this New Year’s tradition of welcoming the new year with those we love. Though it may be hard to fathom at first, there is much to celebrate. And, apparently, we’re not alone in feeling that way. Town is abuzz with visitors and homeowners. A plethora of First Light events will culminate with fireworks at dusk tomorrow, and a spirit of goodwill prevails on Commercial Street.

An Aspiration:
As we anticipate the unknown—if not the unimaginable—in 2017, I’d like to offer this hope for everyone, without exception: in the coming year, may you know true friendship, the love of a soulmate, laughter, wonder, and the joy of transcending difference. Much like the tides that shape this tiny piece of land, life’s familiar rituals will continue unabated as they have for millennia. May you revel in this shared experience we call humanity with a renewed commitment to make the world a better place.

The most heartfelt best wishes for a Happy New Year from our home to yours.


A. C. 


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