A (Darn Good) Writer’s Thoughts on Orlando

Dear Friends, I’ve been silent this week, overcome by grief and anger for the senseless massacre in Orlando. I can’t say that I have actually found my way back as of yet, but I just read this post by my colleague Hans Hirschi, who was kind enough to offer the first review of my first novel when it came out last year. In the time since then, I’ve learned a bit about him: his love for his son and partner, his sense of humor, his incredible capacity for kindness and support. Hans is a poster child for all a man should be, and yet he (and so many others) are denied the consideration he deserves. I URGE you to read his compelling thoughts on the Orlando shootings. Please share them with anyone and everyone. Hans speaks for many of us who are slowly coming to terms with the full ramifications of this tragedy. To read his post, click here.

As for me, I’m trying hard to transform smoldering anger deep inside into something productive. After a lifetime of bullying, I too have had enough. I’ve had enough hate. I’ve had enough self-serving hectoring. I’ve had enough lectures from clueless people who presume to “know better.” And I’ve had enough of the cowardice in Congress. Where these powerful emotions will take me, I don’t quite know yet. But, like Hans, I know one thing. I, too, am “done.”

Read it.

A. C. Burch
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  1. Hans M Hirschi
    Hans M Hirschi says:

    Thank you A C. Not sure I am a poster child for anything (too ugly) and I doubt I’ll ever be able to live upp to the picture you paint of me. But thanks for posting this. Together we’re strong. Who knows, there might just be a silver lining at the end of this particularly nasty week…


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