Gray is in, whether you’re ready or not…

Each fall, there comes a day when everything seems to change in an instant.

Yes folks, that's the harbor out there.

Yes folks, that’s the harbor out there.

The HomePort Journals begins on such a day in November, when horizon, sea, and sky are indistinguishable. Today had that sort of feeling for me– almost a winter gray, quite different from the lush fog of summer. No doubt others would argue that some other day has already whispered of winter to them—it’s an intensely personal moment, and we don’t like to discuss it much.

The photograph shown here is actually a view of the harbor, taken just a few moments ago. (If you look closely below the telephone lines, you can see two of the few remaining boats in the far, right-hand corner.)  And so it begins, very much a mixed-bag: a slower pace, more time to chat when you meet friends in the Post Office, easier driving on Commercial Street, fewer choices for food and drink, less variety at the Stop & Shop, and the joys of solitude.  Great writing weather!!!


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