A Book of Revelations

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We all keep secrets. Even from ourselves. The eight short stories of  A Book of Revelations explore the tipping point--when the truth offers liberation and continued self-deception perpetuates the status quo. 

Private Quarters: A coming of age story. With cocktails.
Curtain Call: A spurned "mistress" crashes a memorial for her ex-lover's wife.
Götterdämmerung: The complex relationship between a maestro and his protégé.
Convergence: An aging artist and would-be socialite hosts a disastrous dinner party.
The Honoree: A local saint's past unexpectedly threatens her future.
Last Chance: A gay detective investigates a murder case where nothing is at it seems.
The Midnight Suitor: A nephew unearths an old family secret with a modern-day twist.
Even In Death: Mourners who are strangers "bond" at a charlatan's wake.

Publisher: Homeport Press
Reviews:Kirkus on Kirkus Reviews wrote:

All the stories in this collection have the feel of cautionary tales. . . Overall, Burch weaves a collection of crackerjack plot twists in which unlikely heroes seize the day.

A colorful topography of mostly LGBT–related outings, forays, and adventures.

Diane on GGR Review wrote:

This is an eclectic collection of stories emanating from the periphery of society, from characters who have been marginalized, sometimes by choice, too often by circumstance, but who manage to find their voices within the oddest of constructs—accidents of fate, of consanguinity, of shared passion and understanding.

There are mysteries to solve, heroic acts to perform under the radar, tales to tell—tall or otherwise—and always, at the core, we discover how our humanity creates touchstones and opportunities to be more than we ever thought possible. . .

A Book of Revelations delivers on its promise. It will surprise, sadden, delight, shock, and most likely bring you to tears more than once. It is a tour de force of masterful storytelling, exquisite wordsmithing and penetrating insights into those forced to live out their lives on the periphery of acceptance, never quite measuring up. It also offers hope and those gentle lessons that remind us we are all more than we seem, to others, but mostly to ourselves.

I give A Book of Revelations my highest regard and recommendation. An enthusiastic FIVE STARS.

Mari on MidWest Book Review wrote:

“A. C. Burch is a quintessential observer, but without the distance that might leave the writing cold. Instead, Burch takes on voices – that of old women, young men, sex-crazed and sex-craven. We are touched by these players at the margins, artfully rendered by chapter illustrations that suit in their whimsy and wry lines. This unforgettable cast invites us to meet them “my life on my terms” (203). Think of it as less a threat than one of the several dinner invitations extended throughout the book. Black-tie, or black gown – or both! – 8pm; be there or be square!”

Yvonne Lieblein on US Review of Books wrote:

“While distinctly different, each story is inhabited by characters who exist on the fringes until they’re flung into storylines where they’re forced to collide with other people and previously unknown facets of themselves. . . Each story draws readers into continuums of isolation and connection, introspection and expression, confusion and lucidity as its characters stumble and soar toward finding and claiming their own voices.”

Awards & Recommendations:


Kirkus Recommended Review, 2016


Recommended by US Review of Books, 2016

   Top Pick and Novel of the Year Recommendation,
Underground Book Reviews, 2017


      IPA Distinguished Favorite 2017




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