Last Chance

Book Cover: Last Chance
Part of the Detective Beston Series series:
  • Last Chance
Editions:Kindle - Second Edition: $ 0.99
ISBN: 978-0-9974327-3-2
Pages: 105
Detective Paul Beston is a hopeless romantic who hides behind his notion of masculinity. Smug, self-confident, and extremely judgmental, he doesn't always see what's right in front of him--especially when it's the man of his dreams.        

When multi-millionaire Vaughn Kreisler is reported missing from his yacht, the "Last Chance," Beston's prime suspect is the only person left aboard, the mysterious Amanda Mueller. Beston doggedly investigates Kreisler's disappearance, even when a homophobic officer threatens his life. What Beston finally discovers will change his beliefs about love, truth--and, most of all, what it means to be a man.

Reviews:Book Viral on wrote:

Seductive, twisted, and highly engrossing, Last Chance might be a quick read but it certainly packs a punch with Burch quickly getting into the psychology of his characters. Containing all the expected elements of the genre, but in a tightly clipped, more economical style; his story is refreshingly free of clichés, existing not just for itself but to provide an arena for the personalities at play. When it comes to the dialogue he has a fine ear for nuance, delivering far more than the typical semi-parody of life found in most fiction. He makes us feel that these are the words of real people trying to reveal or conceal themselves in extraordinary circumstances. There’s timely misdirection which is slickly handled but when all of the threads are pulled together you have to appreciate the way in which it all makes sense. Perhaps a longer novel would have introduced an unnecessary level of complexity, but here Burch achieves just the right balance whilst equally as important Beston proves a strong and original character to carry a series forward.

Brief but never the less highly enjoyable, Last Chance proves an enticing series debut and one which should leave its readers eager for more. It is strongly recommended.

Reviewer on Goodreads wrote:

If you like to be taken on an journey, certainly not an ordinary one then A.C. Burch has written "Last Chance" for you. Through a keen depiction of both characters and setting, Burch takes you on a ride with unexpected twists and turns. And just when you think you understand what is going on, you find yourself propelled into the unknown. But, everything does tie together. It's no exaggeration to say that "Last Chance" has all the charm of a "Nick and Nora" ( of the "Thin Man" series ) mystery but in a very contemporary and LGBT-friendly showcase. Go for the ride! You won't have any regrets!

Reviewer on Goodreads wrote:

A quick and pacy read, that certainly feels a lot longer than the short story that it is.
A lot is packed in but I never felt that it was crammed in nor was there superfluous text.
Paul Beston is both a likeable and unlikeable character - he is a good guy, hiding his secret until outed spectacularly when he becomes a sympathetic figure as he deals with small community prejudices. But he is also a detective so has to be asking the hard questions.
Amanda is the elusive femme fatale - she has absconded with Vaughn, presumably for his money, then he has disappeared, presumed dead. But she is able to charm all who meet her, including Paul who isn't into women.
Vaughn eventually turns up very much alive and sweeps Paul off his feet.
Then we get to the nitty gritty of the story. I felt for Vaughn, living a lie most of his life then seeing how he could get what he wanted and how Amanda could help him.

Original Cover:

The HomePort Journals

Book Cover: The HomePort Journals
Editions:Paperback - Second Edition: $ 15.99
ISBN: 978-0997432763
Pages: 358
Kindle - Second Edition: $ 2.99
ISBN: 978-0-9974327-7-0
Pages: 360

Fleeing New York City and an abusive partner, would-be writer Marc Nugent finds work at HomePort, the Provincetown mansion of Lola Staunton, a fabulously wealthy recluse. Aided by an attractive-but-unattainable artist and an all-too-available cross-dresser, Marc investigates accusations of rape and murder that have estranged Lola from a childhood friend for more than sixty years. Past and present converge when a long-lost journal reveals tales of infidelity, adultery, and passion that mirror the life Marc has recently abandoned. When his ex-lover arrives in search of revenge, Marc must confront his past, his notions of family, and his capacity for love.

Reviews:Kirkus on wrote:

“Burch’s exquisite descriptions of Provincetown bring the cape to life, and the more he reveals about the delightfully crotchety Dorrie and Lola and the effervescent, tragic Helena, the more captivating they become.”

Diane on GGR Review wrote:

The Homeport Journals is at once a romance, a mystery and a coming-of-age tale that touches on so many facets of the human experience that I was, quite simply, blown away. Marc and Cole are young men trapped inside their own insecurities and fears. Alone they face their inner turmoils with denial or soul-numbing acquiescence; together they discover that friendship and love are but two of the many ways to reach out and embrace a larger world of acceptance and understanding.

Helena is the delightful, outrageous, captivating cross-dresser whose flashes of dual identities present a sometimes terrifying glimpse into what it’s like to wear one skin over two personalities. She is gloriously over-the-top, heart-wrenchingly vulnerable, and prone to the kind of drama that makes for some of the most memorable moments in this story.

The Homeport Journals is also, at its core, a lesson in how the past insinuates the present, when those who went before were faced with choices that altered forever their place in history. As Marc, Cole and Helena conspire to piece together past events in order to understand a reality turned rigid and uncompromising, they uncover a tale of betrayal, abuse and infidelity buried in memory.

This is a literary work of exceptional merit. It is epic in nature, yet intensely intimate in execution, gorgeously rendered in exquisite detail, and told with heart-felt honesty. It bears a message of hope and love, compassion and tolerance, of simple joys and overcoming the roadblocks life sometimes thrusts in your path.

I loved The Homeport Journals, unreservedly, and give it my highest recommendation.

Awards and Recommendations:

Rainbow Book Awards  - Runner-up, Best Gay Debut -2015




Rainbow Book Awards - Honorable Mention,  Contemporary Gay Romance - 2015



Grand Prize Winner, Authors Talk About It (ATAI) 2016