• About A. C.

Life on a Sandbar

A. C. Burch

I’m fascinated with people who strive for something better. Whether seeking out new places to live or crafting new identities, my characters tend to face life head on—some with confidence, some with trepidation. I try to capture them in moments of crucial decision and then follow the outcome, whether they win or lose.

I tend to write most about the lives and loves of LGBT folks. That said, I’m particularly drawn to friendships that span age, race, and sexual orientation. There are many ways to describe these relationships, but Armistead Maupin’s term, “logical family,” is perhaps the best I’ve encountered.

My thirty-plus years in Provincetown have taught me much about courage: the courage to face a hurricane at sea or a raging fire on land; the courage to change your gender or reinvent yourself as the person you always wanted to be; the courage to stand up for those you love because you’ve fought and won the battle to love yourself.


My perceptions are honed by living near the sea, both in Provincetown and South Beach. The glorious light and raging storms all influence the settings and moods I try to convey on the page. An avid sailor, I live to be on the water, and when that’s not possible, I’m often found walking the beach with my incredibly smart, canine companion, Dori.