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Life On The Edge

A. C. Burch

I often write about the lives and loves of LGBT folks, especially those that span age, race, and sexual orientation. There are many ways to describe these relationships, but Armistead Maupin’s term, “logical family,” is perhaps the best I’ve encountered.

I admire the courage, flair, and tenacity of the two communities where I live. Both are almost completely surrounded by water and tenuously connected to the mainland. One is a town built on sand, the other a city built on limestone.  Their people, along with the glorious light and raging storms, are the most significant influences on my writing and photographs.

My many years in Provincetown have taught me much about human nature and resilience. I’m especially intrigued by stories of those who reject the status quo. Whether changing gender to reinvent yourself, fighting irrational hatred of who you are, or standing up for your right to love whom you choose, stories of strength, passion, and community always intrigue me. Visit my virtual Provincetown page to learn more about this iconic town.

An avid sailor, I try to be on the water as often as I can. When ashore, I’m frequently found walking the beach with my smart, canine companion, Dori.


A. C. Burch splits his time between Provincetown, MA and South Beach, FL. See some of his influences on his Instagram Page.