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As a trumpet player, I should be allowed to blow my own horn now and then.  This is just such a moment.

underground-book-reviewsA Book of Revelations has won a “Top Pick” award as well as a nomination for “Novel of the Year” from Underground Book Reviews.  To read Yvonne Lieblein’s wonderful, 5-star review, click here.

The HomePort Journals has progressed from its 5-star nomination at Authors Talk About It, to finalist in the Romance Category for their 2016 Book Awards.  To see the full list of finalists in all categories, click here.authors-talk-about-it-finalist

I’d be guilty of “fabrication” (as my grandmother used to call it) if I said that I wasn’t pleased with these recent results. These books have been a labor of love, and the recognition is most appreciated. What I must say is that the kind words from regular readers are what really keeps me going. I find such joy in writing that I sometimes think that alone is enough. In reality, the notion that my thoughts and musing might inspire, bring a smile, or perhaps even help someone to consider things from a different angle is the greatest joy of all. In these crazy times of Tweets & Trumps, I think we could all benefit from considering the lives of others. And I’d like to think in some small way I’ve contributed to that discussion.

So thanks for reading this. And if I may suggest. . . when you finish reading a book you’ve enjoyed, let the author know. Write a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Make a comment on the author’s website and join their email list. It’s a big world out there, and many talented people go unrecognized, are trolled with negative ratings or berated by religious and political fanatics. Writers work hard with marketing, appearances, and countless hours of social media to share what they love with you. Why not let them know it was worth it? That will mean more to them than the highest award.



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