Another chance for “Last Chance”

I’m proud to announce the release of “Last Chance,” volume one in the Detective Beston Series.      last-chanceSome of you may know this story from A Book of Revelations. In response to multiple requests, I’m releasing it on its own as the start of a series. “Last Chance” has been a lot of fun to write and even more fun to discuss with readers. It’s a mystery, a romance, and a character study that incorporates my love for sailing. Here’s what some reviewers had to say about it:

“‘Last Chance’ was nominally a mystery, yet it unfolded as a character study and a challenge, with no safety net and few guideposts to point the way forward. The author dazzles the reader with subterfuge, then strips away the mask, revealing harsh choices that touch on every level of who and what that character is.”
Diane – GGR.Review

“The most memorable and formidable story in this collection, ‘Last Chance,’ tells of a budding affair between a closeted male detective and an elegant murder suspect in the Bahamas. Over the course of several interrogations (including some in the form of fancy dinners, served by attentive young men), these two find that they have more in common than just the case at hand. This collection tries to get at the core of what it feels like to be in the closet and addresses the doubts and reticence that come with taking the first steps out.”
-Kirkus Reviews (for A Book of Revelations)last-chance-solo-2


And here’s the Synopsis:
Almost-billionaire Vaughn Kreisler has vanished without a trace. So has his money, save the few million he left behind for his wife. When his yacht, the Last Chance, arrives in Grand Bahama, only one person is aboard—a feisty blonde who seems unconcerned about Kreisler’s disappearance. Detective Lieutenant Paul Beston’s investigation is hobbled from the start by the lack of a corpse and his growing infatuation for the prime suspect. When an ex-lover outs Beston at work, his colleagues abandon him, and an old rival exacts a violent revenge. The disgraced detective has only one person on his side—the alleged murderer. Can they be trusted?

I’ve always been fascinated with the notion of just sailing away. The concept that one could set out across great distances and face unforeseen challenges leaving everything else behind. This is exactly what Vaughn Kreisler does. He just sails away from a supposedly “successful” life. The trouble starts when his yacht arrives without him and Detective Beston decides to investigate. . .

I’m plotting volume two and hope to have something out before too long. For more information on “Last Chance,” and to read an excerpt, click here. To purchase, click here.

Happy Sailing!


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