• About A. C.

I write LGBT Fiction with an emphasis on characters who face life-changing circumstances with courage, passion, and a sense of humor. I’ve always been fascinated by moments where a single decision can change a person’s life for better or worse. The family we create, or as Armistead Maupin calls it, “the logical family,” plays an important part in many of my stories.

As a young gay man, I cultivated diverse influences to overcome the challenges of growing up in rural Massachusetts. Perhaps my most powerful weapon was a sense of the absurd that helped me reduce most strictures to caricature. This tendency often sneaks into my work, making it somewhat hard to slot my books into a single genre. My literary icons run the gamut from Agatha Christie to Walter Mosely, Patrick Dennis to Thomas H. Cook, and Jane Austin to Bart Yates.

I trained as an orchestral musician, performing throughout New England for many years. Music may have been my ticket out of the woods, but I soon learned the need for a “day job.” After thankless toil as a programmer for a mega-bank, I worked in educational administration until able to make more time for writing.

Sailing around Cape Cod and the Islands is the perfect getaway from the crowded summer streets of Provincetown, the place I’ve lived longer than anywhere else. I’m seldom found without Dori, a young golden retriever who keeps me company in my writing shed. You can follow our adventures on Instagram.

My love of the ocean, as well as hints of my musical background, inform my perspective on life as well as my writing.  When not splitting wood for my vintage wood stove, I’m extremely fortunate to be able to split my time between Provincetown, MA and South Beach, FL, two beautiful places that never cease to inspire me.

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A. C. Burch